Key Themes: Identifying your priorities, simple pleasures, loosening up a sense of ‘control,’ and cultivating adventure

Taurus, the month of December, invites you to wrap up the year with a deepened connection to yourself, community, spirit and adventure. It asks you to shake free any sense of obligation, weight, and pressure, as well as the ‘striving for achievement’ that may have characterized so much of this year.

Magically, you’re invited to instead connect with the elements of life that you know to be truly real. If you lean into your intuition, inner child energies and sense of play this month, it can be your best. This, and it’ll set you up perfectly for 2023.

The month kicks off with Neptune going direct in Pisces on December 3rd. Neptune rules Pisces, and together they govern the realms of spirit. This shift could feel like a fog has lifted rendering you able to see the world’s beauty, connection and love more clearly again.

This shift could feel disorienting, as it loosens your grip on more mundane matters such as finances and career. If you feel resistance to this, lean into your trust in the universe. This doesn’t mean totally neglecting your responsibilities, but it does mean recognizing that your priority is your health and happiness – and from there all good things will spring.

On December 7th the Gemini Full Moon further highlights this idea. It activates your sector of physical health and earthly beauty. This will be the perfect time to switch off your phone, obligations, and to head into nature. Find some time to be barefoot on the earth and remind yourself that first and foremost, you are human. Your sign is ruled by Venus, a planet all about enjoyment of the earthly senses. This is in some ways, the core of who you are – enjoy it!

On December 20th, Jupiter enters Aries, meaning the planet of luck and expansion supports our individual journeys even more so. This will be a time for breaking out of your comfort zone, through relaxing. You are carried, supported and loved by the universe Taurus, and December wants to remind you of that. Rather than trying to figure it all out yourself, begging for the universe to fix things, or swinging between the two… it’s time to enter a space of co-creation. Listen when you’re being prompted by your gut to move; act when the universe tells you the time is right; and surrender when you’ve done your part and it’s truly time to just receive.

On December 21st Capricorn season begins, and the Capricorn New Moon (Dec 23rd) activates your sector of adventure and life purpose. This light and playful energy can catalyze some movement in your life, if you allow it.

It’s a time to say yes to opportunities, step outside your norms, be spontaneous and let the cosmos take you on a journey. Traveling (even locally) will be particularly expansive right now.

Taurus it’s been an intense year for you, and December is the gift of lightness that breaks up any stagnancy. This month can create a beautiful foundation to enter the New year.