Think back to where you were just three days ago, when the week had begun. We had just experienced a harmonious alignment between Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, and Neptune, the Planet of Illusion. Many skymates may find that an intention they had at the start of the week has already manifested in some way today. That’s the power of the 2020 Ascension. We receive what we believe. Taurus, spend time today in observation of the thoughts you frequently think. How empowered do you feel by them? Are there ways that you can shift your attention to the thoughts that are most empowering, while still honoring the heavier ones that may still enter your consciousness from time to time? Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, and since it’s currently direct in your sign while other generational planets are retrograde, you have extra assistance from the cosmos when it comes to reconditioning your consciousness and upgrading your entire lifestyle.