Today’s energies are food for the soul Skymates. Taurus, today the Aries moon comes into harmonious connections with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Here, the collective experiences harmony between our innermost cores and the world outside us, our communication, sense of abundance and love. Things might start clicking into place, feeling inspired or simply clear. Taurus, this beautiful energy infuses your sector of physical comfort. It’s the perfect time to nourish your body deeply, to treat it like the temple that it is. We’re talking: long baths, massage, naps, self-pleasure and good food. It’s important that you don’t let anyone or anything impact your pace today, it’s all about you. Taurus, you’re already aware that when you feel good is when you become most efficient, productive and inspired. The opposite totally depletes your drive. Today, make your levels of pleasure priority… and work backwards from there. If it feels right, why not give yourself a day off?