Today we have a powerful New Moon that hangs out alongside Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn – all in the sign of Aquarius. THIS is the energy of 2021. We’re being called into creating new visions, socializing and recognizing the platonic love that we have for the diverse members of our earth family. Taurus, you may have already noticed this year that you’re experiencing a shift of perspective around money and values. Uranus in your sign is shaking things up for you in these realms. It’s inviting in countless possibilities for your life. Where you used to only see limitations and scarcity, you’re now starting to notice alternate possibilities for abundance. The sky’s the limit Taurus. If you can see it, you can create it. Use the New Moon energy to get a jump on your long-term visions of success. The New Moon energy tends to last for approximately 10 days, so you have time to conceptualize, visualize and write down your desires. Make the universe’s job easier by being as specific as you can.