Key Themes: big shifts, courage, trusting your instincts and intuition, taking action, dreaming and believing

Taurus, how you approach April might just change the trajectory of your whole life. You’ll be experiencing some huge shifts (if you haven’t already), and the choices you make (or not) will determine the flavor of some key checkpoints in your life. Notice how you reacted to the last sentences. Did you feel a sense of dread? Or a sense of excitement and “bring it on?”

Either way, the universe is inviting you to step into your power, courage and sense of personal embodiment. And don’t worry, you’re supported in this immediately – with Mercury entering your sign, on April 3. Here, you’re going to feel a distinctive sense of mental clarity, as well a sense of grounding. If there have been any choices pressing on you, now’s the time to make your decisions and to take action. Book that trip, apply for that job, end that relationship – whatever it may be. You’re encouraged here to honor your instincts and to trust your intuition by taking action, without allowing self-doubting thoughts to perpetuate delay.

Skipping forward a bit – you’ll be able to compare this time to the weeks after April 21st, where we begin a Mercury retrograde in your sign, up until May 14th. During this period, decision making may not be as clear and simple… and that’s okay too. Not only will you be learning to appreciate how clearly your instincts usually do come through, you’ll also be in a space of taking in new influences and breaking down old mental structures which do not serve you.

But back to mid-April! On April 11th, we have your planetary ruler (Venus) entering the multi-faceted sign of Gemini. This transit will once again encourage you to broaden your perspectives, to actively see things from outside-the-box. You might start feeling more drawn to new people, conversations or sources of inspiration. This will also be an enriching time to pick up a new language, or to begin studying anything else that floats your boat.

A dreamy day arises on April 14th, with Saturn forming a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node in your sign. This kind of cosmic signature will give rise to epiphanies, and remembrance that if you can see your dreams… you can reach them. It’ll be the perfect time for goal setting, vision boarding or even just daydreaming about what you’re ready to see realized in this lifetime. What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world?

Such reflections will make the perfect backdrop for our New Moon Solar Eclipse that takes place on April 20th, in the sign of Aries. This potent activation will illuminate your sector of spiritual connection, so get ready for things to get trippy. If there were ever a time to meditate or dive into all things esoteric – it would be now.

Doing so, will provide you with a deep sense of solace, as well as a lens of magic through which you’ll be able to enter your magical season on the very same day (as the Sun moves into Taurus). Look out world, it’s Taurus season!