Taurus, with the sun entering your sign about midway through the month – plus a Taurus solar eclipse… April can be as potent as you choose.

On April 5th, your ruling planet (Venus) enters the sign of Pisces. This means a cosmic channel will open up, whereby it becomes easier to access higher frequencies. In other words, Spirit becomes louder. Depending on where you’re at on your journey, this could sound like a whisper or a yell. Taurus, there’s a message here for you of making a conscious choice to actively engage with and cultivate higher energies. Whether this concept is new to you, one you’ve lost, or something you already maintain: you will feel better, more alive and empowered when you’re connected to the true sense of being carried by the universe.

In April, this will present itself to you in the form of Choice. Are you going to spend an hour unhealthily consuming social media and the news, or tuning into a guided meditation? Are you going to go with the processed snack? Or feed your body a nutritious and natural piece of fruit? Are you going to engage in drama,  and relationships that make you feel stagnant? Or actively seek inspiration and guidance from others who are living their dreams? You’ll notice with each self-loving choice, your path lightens and opens up. It’s from this place, of feeling full – that you’ll be able to see a broader picture of your life; all the possibilities, blessings and opportunities that sit on the horizon, within your reach.

This theme will be particularly true around April 8th as Jupiter in Pisces harmonizes with the Lunar North Node in your sign. You may feel it again increase from April 14th where Mars (the planet of action) enters Pisces as well. On April 20th (as we’ve just entered Taurus season!) – the asteroid Juno too moves into Pisces, bringing this expansive and spiritual energy into your intimate relationships.

Celebrating yourself and your solar return will be aligned with this theme of healthy prioritization. This is a month to practice giving generously to yourself, and to find your perfect balance between spoiling yourself and a ‘lack’ mentality. Remember, even if you splurge on a new skincare regime, amazing experiences, travel or outfits (whatever floats your boat) – this is not necessarily money lost. You’ll work and flow more effectively, when you feel Good – so you can rather see it as a necessary investment in yourself. The sign of Taurus is all about what real wealth and abundance uniquely looks like to each of us. You could feel equally rich on a yacht in the Bahamas, or sipping a cup of organic tea in your pajamas. This month is about finding your wealth, your flow, your balance – and honoring it.

At the end of the month, a Pluto retrograde begins to highlight collective conditioning around ‘success.’ Taurus, what your parents (and society) taught you to be valuable, is not necessarily the case. The New Moon Eclipse in your sign asks you to rewrite any limiting beliefs – to identify where, what and who makes you truly feel good –  and to realign your life in that direction.