We’ll be experiencing the 4/4/2021 ascension portal this weekend, skymates. This double dose of “4” energy can help us create more structure and build a strong foundation in our lives, as well as increase our generational wealth. This wknd, we’d all benefit from taking time to focus on the generational trauma we’re leaving behind, and the healing legacy we’re ready to create. Sag, this weekend you’ll be adjusting to fast-paced Mercury now being in Aries, leading to many of your thoughts suddenly manifesting before your eyes. This is making it clear that you should therefore use this power wisely, and instead of just thinking for the sake of thinking, think with the intention of healing yourself and the world around you with the visions that you’re able to bring to life. Daydreams hit different for you this weekend, as you tap into your powers of alchemy and transmutation. What you visualize can soon come to life.