Sagittarius, you may have been feeling a ‘one step forward – two steps back’ sort of vibe to 2022, and you’re not wrong. This has arisen as we’ve moved closer towards this weekend’s  major planetary unfolding: Saturn coming into a tension with the Lunar nodes (which reflect our past and future journeys). Saturn rules time and structure, and can be likened to a strict dad or ‘walk before you run’ energy. This can seem a pain, especially for a sign as fast-moving as yours. Still, there are lessons to be learned here… we all remember the tortoise and the hare. With this kind of aspect, there’s an invitation to heal, and to become more aware of ourselves. This weekend will be a good time to notice any unresolved conflicts with others around us. Pay close attention to any tensions you carry regarding the world, society and your place within it. It’ll be a powerful few days for journaling or meditation.