Happy Virgo New Moon, Sag! Your career’s about to be booming these next six months if you take this new moon seriously and make the most of the cleansing vibes of renewal. Which areas of your career currently feel stagnant or boring? Take time to self-reflect and be honest with yourself about this. You’re being offered an opportunity to rebrand, renew, release, or reinvigorate your professional priorities in ways that are more of a vibrational match with where you are in life now. Some Sagges may realize that may mean slowing down and pressing pause on projects that were once deemed essential. You may realize that doing less is the key to feeling more fulfilled, because it allows you to clearly see where you feel most energized professionally. When Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, your sector of spirituality and healing is activated, which means you’ll be able to hear yourself and trust your intuition more profoundly. This is a week for actively listening to your inner voice.