Happy New Moon week, Sag! The Libra New Moon helps breathe new life into your friendships. You may have had to take a breather from all the social invitations you’ve received recently, Sag. With your ruler Jupiter still retrograde in Aquarius, you’re in a more solo mood lately. But Wednesday’s Libra Moon encourages you to find moderation in your social life, and still hit up the people who make you feel the most fun and at ease. You’re likely to have some of the best times with them this week, and you’ll be glad you said yes. Venus enters your sign on the 7th, making you a cosmic favorite when it comes to love and intimacy. You’ll find yourself wanting more freedom to explore your sexual desires, but also seeking an adventure buddy who’s always down for an impromptu rendezvous. This is the best week to set intentions clarifying the energy you’d like to have around you these next six months. Have fun!