Sagittarius, go easy on yourself. The moon moving through Aries brings back inspiration and momentum to your life… and with its meeting of Venus: a reminder to be gentle with yourself. The sign of Aries (a fellow fire sign) is all about pace and action, and you’re here for it. When it meets Venus though, we’re invited into a space of slowing down, being present and finding gratitude for the moment we’re in. Sagittarius, the universe is reminding you that faster, or higher – doesn’t necessarily mean better. Rather, if we look at the term ‘progress’- it’s pretty subjective. Rather than focusing on lack or your life’s ‘flaws,’ pay close attention to the ways that you’re killing it. Notice the ways that you’re blessed, content and joyful. Like attracts like, and paying attention to the positive energy in your life… will likely bring in more of it.