Sagittarius, Aries season is one that lights you up, and the next few days you’ll be feeling that! It’s as though the planets are giving us a break from chaos, with this window of no retrogrades and strong Piscean influence. Plus, you could be feeling a renewed sense of inspiration and fresh beginnings – because we have really only just begun the new astrological year. You’re in front of a blank canvas Sagittarius; what goes on there is up to you. Perfect timing – as on Tuesday, we see Venus enter the sign of Pisces. This transit tends to evoke creative inspiration, dreams and synchronicity. Here, we can experience unity in our spiritual and physical worlds. Pay close attention to any ‘magic’ moments that arise in your life; the synchronicities, dreams and coincidences. There may be an increase in these over the next few weeks – and you can take them as strong reminders that the universe has your back.