Key Themes: friendships, values, boundaries, spiritual healing, ego dissolution, humour

Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde has challenged you to re-assess whether your societal role is satisfying. When Mercury stations direct in service-oriented Virgo on October 2nd, your mind will thaw for a 10-day shadow period during which it’s important to get honest about what’s happening. Sagittarius, are you submitting to a role simply because it’s a good opportunity or does it truly bring meaning to your life? As Mercury enters Libra on October 10th, activating your sector of friendships and future goals, consider opening your mind to other people’s points of view regarding your life’s direction. Sagittarius, if you’re sitting on the fence about what’s right for you, remember that you can get by “with a little help from your friends”, as The Beatles sang it.

After a 6-month retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn stations direct on October 8th in your sector of money and self-esteem. Pluto retrograde may have highlighted the unhealthy ways you evaluate your worth; thus, prompting an unearthing of your income and value systems. Sagittarius, capitalism may make us believe that it all comes down to how much we earn and possess, but as the planet of Transformation resumes direct motion, consider: What do you truly value and what sustains your exuberant energy?

The lunar cycle peaks with the Full Moon in brave Aries on October 9th, which harmonizes with your fiery enthusiasm and provides an opportunity to revere how amazing you are, Sagittarius. As this Full Moon conjoins Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and your ruling planet, Jupiter, take time to celebrate the brave actions you’ve taken for expressing yourself creatively and channelling your zest for life in healthy ways since April 2022. On the other hand, check in with yourself: Has overindulgence left you feeling burnout? Are you demanding people’s appreciation to fill a void of insecurity? If so, the opposing Sun and Mercury in Libra may demand balance and nervous system attunement to come back to centre, Sagittarius.

On October 23rd, Saturn, the planet of Reality, stations direct in your sector of communication and learning. How have your mental and communication faculties been challenged over the past 5-months, Sagittarius? What did you learn about boundaries and patience? With Saturn retrograde, you may have harnessed your inner authority for responsibly dealing with siblings or people in your local community. Whatever it may be, Sagittarius, have faith in the wisdom gained from these experiences for the broader context of your life.

October 23rd continues to be a cosmically charged day as both Venus and the Sun enter perceptive Scorpio, providing an opportunity to regroup and enhance the light of awareness in your sector of spirituality and healing. It’s Scorpio season until November 22nd, Sagittarius! While you may yearn for external knowledge and expansive experiences, Scorpio season is ripe for reflection, introspection and regeneration. How is it possible to connect to the meaning of life if you are constantly seeking outside of yourself, Sagittarius?

The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th provides a powerful portal to renew and heal your soul. Sagittarius, you may experience unexpected ego deaths, which thrust the essence of your existence into awareness. Rituals, mindfulness, meditation, dreamwork, ancestral healing, reiki, hypnosis, therapy or any activity that allows you to remember the whispers of your soul can be deeply restorative and cathartic, especially over the next four weeks.

When Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29th through November 17th, you’ll be positioned with probing alertness for learning about your emotional patterns and unconscious landscape. As Tara Brach stated, “Each time you meet an old emotional pattern with presence, your awakening to truth can deepen.” Remember, Sagittarius, your humour is an asset when it comes to dissolving ego attachments, so allow laughter to be your medicine as you let go of the old in preparation for your annual rebirth occurring next month.

The month concludes with Mars stationing retrograde on October 30th for its first of three retrogrades in Gemini, your opposing sign. With Mars retrograde, consider reevaluating how you assert yourself and go after what you want, especially in relationships and one-to-partnerships. Sagittarius, while it’s in your nature to optimistically project yourself into the world, are you communicating your intentions with your loved one(s) and business partners, and considering their intentions in return? Sagittarius, pay attention to any difficulties with compromise and cooperation during Mars retrograde – this awareness will serve you well once Mars goes direct on January 12th, 2022.