Key Themes: Honoring emotion, new beginnings, embracing health and wellness

Sagittarius, even though this month carries the fiery spark of a New Astrological Year, for you it’s going to be equally balanced with slowness, softness and self-love.

The month kicks off with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, where it will stay for approximately two weeks. In other words, the planet of communication/mental processing is entering the sign of spirit and unconditional love.

For you, this activates your sector of emotional healing and home. There’s a high chance that you’ll be feeling more empathic, sensitive and intuitive during this chapter, and if this is the case – it’s important that you honor that. Keep your social calendar as clear as feels good to you, and exercise setting boundaries when required. If you set aside chill time, make sure you fill it with activities which actually replenish your energy levels. Of course your sign’s nature is more go-go-go, but there will be a time for that.

Almost a week later (March 7th), you’ll experience a Full Moon in Virgo. For you this activates your sector of career and physical manifestation. This is the perfect moon to bridge the practical (Virgo), with the more dreamy qualities (Sun in Pisces) of your future visions. What tangible steps can you take to begin carving out a life that feels perfect for you?

This theme is heightened – because on the same day, you’ll be experiencing Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, and into Pisces. Saturn is a place where we are learning responsibility and how to deal with the practical elements of life. It also rules themes like structure, time and authority. For the last 2.5 years you’ve been on a journey with a theme of self-expression. It’ll be worth reflecting on how that’s played out, and the ways in which you’ve gained clarity or closure. How have you put yourself out there? Are you proud of yourself? Is there still any work to do?

This next Saturn cycle activates your sector of emotional processing. This evokes a journey of balancing the inner world, with the outer; making sure you don’t bulldoze your emotions and softness, on your path of creation. The two can perfectly co-exist – in fact, your manifestation potential will be that much more potent if and when they do.

On March 16, Venus enters its home sign of Taurus for roughly a month. This is Venus’ happy place, which means we’ll collectively experience an exhale. Your sector of wellness and health is activated by this Sag, and with this the universe invites you to slow it down. Prioritize yourself in ways that have previously just stayed as ideas. Whether that means drinking more water, resting, stretching daily, or meeting your own needs before others – it’s your call to make.

A huge theme of new beginnings arises on March 20th with Aries season, as well as the start of the New Astro Year. This blank page energy will feel like the potential spark you’ve been waiting for. Stay aware of any synchronicities or opportunities that arise around now, as leaning into them may just flavor your whole twelve months.

The first New Moon of the Astrological year (March 21st), is going to activate this potential further. Remember the visions that you’d explored with the last Full Moon? It’s time to revisit them with this new spaciousness and a fresh pair of eyes.
What are you ready for? Or maybe a better question: what are you waiting for?