Key Themes: Connecting to your visions, making plans, planting seeds, feeling the love

Sagittarius, if you already have the feeling that 2023 will be bigger and better than last year, you’re right. This year can be one of realizing your visions, being more connected to love and purpose, as well as manifesting desires faster than you ever have before.

On Jan 6th you’ll be diving into your feels with the first Full Moon of the year. It takes place in the moon’s home sign of Cancer, rendering this night (and those surrounding) one of the most powerful and emotional portals of the year. For you Sag, it specifically activates your sector of wellbeing and lifestyle. This will be a good time to take a microscope to your emotions and inner world, to see where you’re hurting – or what needs nurturance. If you have the option of clearing your schedule, it will be a particularly valuable week to spend some time in solitude and introspection.

A more externally dynamic energy arises a week later (Jan 12th), with the planet of action and momentum (Mars), ending its retrograde and going direct in the sign of Gemini. This is going to feel like your energy reservoirs received a nice little recharge. If you’ve felt like the year is off to a slow start, it will likely begin to shift right about now. Because this energy infuses your sector of relationships, it will be a time to deepen your connections, whether intimate or in a work sense. There’s also a chance you’ll meet someone new who becomes important to you!

About one week later (Jan 18th) we’re also collectively ending our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. If you haven’t already gotten around to it, this could be a time to sit down and make some tangible plans for the year. Think all things life admin. This could mean budgeting your expenses for the month, creating a visual career ladder for yourself or simply setting goals. Capricorn is all things structure and time, so it will feel far more natural and seamless than usual – to get practical about what you want to see unfolding over 2023.
This seed planting energy continues to unfold over the next few days, with Jan 20th initiating Aquarius season, as well as the New Moon on Jan 21st.

Plus, with Venus entering Pisces on Jan 26th, you’ll be feeling more inspired and connected to the universe than ever. The planet of love and beauty is very happy in the final sign of the zodiac, which makes themes like unconditional love feel ever-present. January was just month one of twelve in this chapter, and there is so much more potential for the year. You’ve got this Sag.