It’s been one month since Mars, the Planet of Action, has entered Aries. We should collectively think back to all that’s happened on a personal and global level since June 24, 2020. These past four weeks are a microcosm of what can continue to show up. What’s your role in all of this, Sag? Mars wants you to pay attention to ways that you can boss up in your own life. That may begin by centralizing your needs, and not only the fun and exciting ones like flirting, dancing, making money or traveling the world. You also have to be honest about your shadow side. Would more therapy or meditation help soothe your anxiety? Have you been resting enough and detoxing from social media consistently? Have you focused on your own journey without comparing yourself to others’? All of these intentions, and whichever ones you consciously set for yourself, will increase your levels of ascension.