Conjunction time Skymates! Sagittarius, today we have the Moon conjoining Pluto which might just uncover some deep truths. Taking place in Capricorn, we’re dealing with structures, our fathers, governments, and self-discipline. Today we might experience epiphanies in relation to these topics. Or we might simply notice just how harsh we are on ourselves. Sagittarius, this shift in energy invites you to unapologetically find and pursue your purpose. You’ve been keeping yourself smaller than you should as of late, it’s time to step back into your light. Today, you’ll be feeling a healthy dose of motivation… and you may even be hearing the call of adventure. Your spirit has been itching for movement – and you’re totally ready for it. Today, pay close attention to the signs, synchronicities and inspiration that arises in your life. Tip: they’ll point you in the direction of your soul path.