Sagittarius, today at 8:48am EST, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Aquarius. With the spotlight (the sun!) on Mercury, mental pursuits, communication and the deconstructive nature of understanding are exemplified. This means we’ll be noticing the details, formulas and universal laws that govern each of our lives. Sagittarius, today you’re reminded to consider the balance between your part in a larger whole and your desire to be an individual. How involved and connected do you feel with your friends and community? Is this an area that requires you to take some steps, or are you all good? Today it’s also worth noticing the areas where you tend to speak too quickly. While your gifts of natural expression are absolutely beautiful… don’t forget to offer others the same service of listening and support. You might just broaden your horizons – plus, you never know what you’ll learn in even a fleeting moment with a stranger.