Know yourself.

@KnowSagittarius Daily Scope 1.23.20

We’re one day away from the first New Moon of 2020. It’s going to be a pretty existential one because it’s taking place in the sign of Aquarius, and will help us collectively awaken and step out of the vortex. Sag, you may find it hard to stay committed to a certain project today, because you’re distracting by all the thoughts running to your mind. Tomorrow’s New Moon will activate your communication sector, and it’s all about clearing one’s mind. Find time today to meditate, even if it’s only for 60 seconds. When you’re in the car, drive without any music, or without being on the phone. When you’re in the train, simply sit there and close your eyes (try not to miss your stop though aha), without music, breathing. You can decide what meditation looks or feels like. The key is to spend more time intentionally connecting with self in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon.

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