Key Themes: career, public reputation, service, sincere interactions, boundaries

Sagittarius, the month of August empowers to shine in the outside world and to learn the art of reciprocal communication and boundary setting.

When Mercury enters analytical Virgo on August 4th, your thoughts may be centered on career and business matters. As this transit highlights Sagittarius’ sector of career and reputation until August 25th, your mind orients itself to take a humble assessment of your contributions to your community.

Venus enters warmhearted Leo on August 11th, providing an opportunity to release tension and enjoy passionate experiences in Sagittarius’ sector of travel and philosophy until September 5th. While you may yearn for glamorous experiences during this Venus transit, Sagittarius, keep your heart open to sincere interactions with a wide diversity of people and experiences.

The Super Full Moon in progressive Aquarius strikes on August 11th, illuminating Sagittarius’ sector of communication and learning. As this Full Moon conjoins with reality-checking Saturn, emotional issues that signal the need to communicate boundaries and limit unnecessary information may rise to the surface. With this Full Moon, you may find yourself needing to find your centre as your daily habits (or lackthereof) begin catching up to you.

On August 20th, Mars enters curious Gemini, your opposing sign, highlighting Sagittarius’ sector of partnerships until November 23rd. While it’s in your nature to have strong ideals and opinions, be aware of heated debates and pointless arguments with this Mars transit. Mars in Gemini challenges you to learn the art of reciprocal communication, for you may be surprisingly energized by the insights you learn about yourself and world through other people.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, lighting up Sagittarius’ sector of career and reputation until September 22nd. Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo season is potent for empowering yourself through a fulfilling sense of service and for assessing your role in society. During Virgo season, you may feel called to accomplishing or planning something important.

On August 24th through the rest of 2022, Uranus turns retrograde in practical Taurus, providing space to process any wake-up calls or surprises in Sagittarius’ sector of health, wellness, and service. With Uranus retrograde, pay attention to inclinations to liberate and be recognized for new levels of competence.

Your mind shifts toward pathfinding and personal goals as Mercury, the planet of Communication, enters easy-going Libra on August 25th, activating Sagittarius’ sector of friendships and future goals until September 23rd. This Mercury in Libra transit is a prime time for sharing bright ideas with friends.

As the bigger-picture seer that you are, Virgo energy challenges you to see the trees in the forest. Your mission with the Virgo New Moon on August 27th is to acknowledge the growth that comes through meticulous commitment to self-improvement and to weave this philosophy in the fabrics of your identity and partnerships. Use this New Moon portal to imagine how it would feel to blossom in your fullest expression and to be publicly praised for the gifts you share with the world.