Tune into your rhythms Sagittarius. Over the next few days the moon shifts into Pisces. The Pisces Moon tends to blur lines of intuition and reality. Here, the collective becomes more empathic and spiritually attuned, something furthered by a conjunction to the planet of expansion: Jupiter. You’ll be noticing where your spirit feels out of balance Sagittarius, and this is the first step to healing. We also have Mercury ending its retrograde in Capricorn, providing you with a bit of a ‘reset.’ If your pace has felt out of alignment lately, this will be a time to shift back. For example, if you’ve been feeling lethargic – take active steps to reignite your inner momentum. If you’ve been moving too fast or without mindfulness – it’s time to intentionally slow it down. 2022 has been off to a wild start, but the 2/2/22 portal offers some powerful healing and grounding magic.