As the Lunar Eclipse approaches, it’s important that all skymates practice patience and ease their way into this eventful weekend. Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, shifts direct in Pisces this Saturday, after five-months being retrograde. Love and creativity will feel more appealing for us as a collective, and Neptune’s direct movement will encourage us to dream more, and stress less. Pisces, you’re ready to heal and release some generational trauma that may have existed in your family, and that’s now coming to the surface of your life in a way that’s undeniable. Open-hearted family discussions with people who may have harmed you, either intentionally or subconsciously, is necessary this weekend. Let it all out, my love. Cry as much as you need to. Validate your own feelings. And vow to disrupt cycles of dysfunction that may have been normalized for years. A new era awaits, and you’re courageous enough to step into it. Congratulations on your liberation!