Abundance is calling Pisces. We have some beautiful days lined up, with the moon in fiery Sagittarius making harmonious connections to both Venus (planet of love and beauty) and Jupiter (planet of expansion). Pisces, because this activates your sector of physical abundance and wealth, this makes it an incredible time to plant some seeds of manifestation. Take some time alone or with those you’re deeply comfortable with. Relax your nervous system, and allow your creativity to open up. From this place, you’ll be able to see all kinds of possibilities and creative potentials which you otherwise may not have. Epiphanies await. Then all you must do is simply follow the call. On October 2nd, Mercury ends its retrograde stationing direct in the sign of Virgo. This will likely feel like a sense of coming full circle. Pay attention to what was different a few months ago versus now. Acknowledge and celebrate yourself for your growth.