Pisces, you’re ready for more. The next few days carry some powerful cosmic energies, with Mercury first ending its retrograde. As this illuminates your sector of mental processing, you’ll likely notice a calming of your mind. You can cultivate this further with practices like meditation and breathwork. Indeed, this will create a strong foundation for you to navigate Saturn retrograde which begins the next day, on June 4th. The planet moves retrograde up until mid-October. Pisces, a theme that’s coming through 2022 for you is how to best align your spiritual and divine nature – with your career and the work you carry out in the world. The universe is inviting you to access meaning and fulfillment in every moment of your life. Notice where discomfort and restriction exist – because these are often clues from Saturn. This planet provides the kind of obstacles that tend to reveal the powerful beings that we truly are. You’re ready for this chapter Pisces.