Skymates, the Moon is in Aquarius this wknd, and the final days of Gemini season brings playful and adventurous energy in our lives. A harmonious alignment between the Moon and Jupiter infuses this wknd’s energy with expansiveness, however, Saturday’s planetary squares may temporarily dampen the mood. Pisces, instead of writing today’s scopes in the Aries – Pisces order, I switched it up and started with your sign. And that’s because you’re currently going through one of the most intense spiritual resets you’ve ever experienced, and on the outside it looks like nothing’s changed. But internally, everything’s changed and everything’s intensely changing. This spiritual level-up journey can feel lonely at times, but it’s necessary. Use this wknd’s Aquarius Moon to tap into your spiritual reservoirs in whatever way feels most fulfilling to you. Dance, sing, act, cry, meditate, release… You deserve to feel nurtured by yourself, and by others.