Pisces, what do you want to say? What are you having trouble saying? If there are things you feel you need to get off your chest, it may be a good idea to have a chat with the mirror first. This will help you to connect with the emotions that are really there, that are raw, and that may be in need of getting organized or maybe just acknowledged before expressing them to someone else. If you find it too intimidating to speak aloud to yourself, journal about it. Or maybe even call a good friend that has nothing to do with it and that will just let you vent. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens at 4:28 pm EST on Saturday, and it falls in your area of communication, day-to-day life and siblings. In your experience, how do all of these things connect with one another? And how are you currently in relationship with them? It’s time to tap into the inner space from where you can claim these areas of your life, so the circumstances don’t overpower you.