It’ll be a week of empowerment, tweaking and adjusting dear Pisces. We kick off with Mercury entering the grandiose sign of Leo – reminding us all of the power in honoring and sharing our creative actualization with the world. At this time you might naturally feel more inclined to step into the spotlight; to give and receive in a more active way. Jupiter Retrograde shifts into Aquarius mid-week and this asks you to pay active attention and discernment into the kind of people you are sharing with. Are you being received, acknowledged and appreciated in the way you deserve? This idea of discernment comes up in an even stronger way later during the week, with Mars (our planet of action) entering the sign of Virgo. Virgo has lessons for us all: in polishing, perfecting and adjusting our daily habits. How can you ensure (to the best of your ability) that you’re feeling good, healthy and full of vitality everyday? This week can be a powerful one of making positive changes.