Happy New Moon week, Pisces! This week you’ll find yourself daydreaming about love, art, healing and cosmic adventures. As you should, Pisces. As you should. With Pluto shifting direct in Capricorn on the 6th, the same day of the New Moon, your sector of friendship is activated, and you may start to gradually feel more social and extraverted for the rest of Libra Season. At the same time, with the Libra New Moon activating your sector of work, health and service, you may be itching to start fresh in that realm of your life, which may mean revamping the way you spend your day, and who you spend your time with. There’s a strong likelihood that someone in your social network can help you get where you need to go — use the days after the New Moon to ask for their help and not try to do everything alone. Thursday – Saturday, the Scorpio Moon strikes up strong sensations of passion and romance within you. Indulge in the now moment and let your sensuality lead the way as the week rounds out.