Welcome to the other side, Pisces! Jupiter, one of your planetary rulers, shifts direct in the sign of Aquarius on Monday the 18th, and this helps breathe new life into your healing journey. Suddenly, things will start to feel considerably lighter and more easeful than they have these past 4.5 months. You went through a major purging journey, and now that the Aries Full Moon strikes on the 20th, activating your sector of abundance, you’re feeling like a completely new person. You’re a Phoenix, rising from its ashes, soaring more beautifully than ever. Mercury retrograde is now over in your sector of depth and intimacy, so prepare for your love life to deepen considerably as you gain more clarity about what it is that you really want. This is all happening just in time for Scorpio Season to begin this Saturday, opening you up to a world of passionate, sexy adventures. Enjoy this magically awakening week!