It’s an energetically charged time Skymates! This week, we have Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius, where so much of the collective awakening is already unfolding. We’re also in the last week of the lunar nodes sitting in the Gemini-Sag axis. As a result, there’s a ‘boiling up’ of themes regarding ‘truth.’ The world’s lessons over the last eighteen months are drawing to a close – rendering a temporary societal ‘split’ as to whether we’ve evolved with them, or not. Pisces, with Jupiter expanding the cosmic force of your sign, as well as all of these turbulent collective energies… you might be feeling a little more sensitive than usual. This is totally natural. We are at a crossroads as a species – and you’re one of the signs most tapped into the collective. If solitude feels necessary for you, find it. Otherwise, use discernment around who you spend your time with, and all that you’re taking in. Your energy is your currency dear Pisces, it’s up to you to truly honor it this week.