It’s the last week of Libra Season, and we’re one week away from the solar eclipse in Scorpio that’ll shake up the status quo. You can probably already sense the shifting seasons and turning tides. Pisces, this eclipse szn is making you dream of faraway places. Perhaps a part of you is feeling wanderlust, and you want to go out and see the world. Monday’s Cancer Moon may also have you in a sentimental and nostalgic mood, encouraging you to let your emotions flow, even if they don’t make sense or are somewhat contradicting. We have over 5 planets in Air signs right now (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn), so resist the urge to solidify every aspect of your life, and give into more fantasy, daydreaming, exploration, wonder, and play. Jupiter’s getting ready to re-enter your sign in 10 days, and then you’ll be the Universe’s favorite. So act accordingly, Pisces. Act accordingly.