Pisces, it’s time to detoxify and declutter. Over the next few days, we collectively experience Mercury (planet of communication and mental realms), shifting out of Gemini, and into Taurus. As a result, this slightly alters the focus of our individual Mercury retrograde experiences, powerfully illuminating new spheres for us to work with, understand and heal. Pisces, with the moon having just shifted into your sign, you’ll be feeling particularly attuned to your inner world and needs. You’ll also likely be feeling more sensitive to the external world and its energies – making this the perfect time to practice discernment. Pay close attention to what’s serving you, versus draining your energy. The universe is inviting you to simplify and declutter your life. Whether this means a social media break, a pause on junk food or simply picking up the phone for a few days – you’ll know what to do.