Pisces the Sun is still happily moving through your sign, while the Moon moves into dreamy Sagittarius. This combination tends to shift us collectively into a more creative, passionate and inspired way of being. This is highly resonant with your nature, so these vibes will arise as a deep sense of comfort, or creative motivation. You’re at a whole new chapter of your life, in more ways than one Pisces, and it’s a beautiful time. The full-circle nature of this period for you means it’ll be a wonderful time to bring any conceptualized projects out of the ether, into reality. That could be anything as simple as writing rough ideas down on your phone. If possible, try to evoke a sense of timelessness in your day, even if that means just a few hours of a cleared schedule. This is both where your creativity can pour through, and where your soul can renew itself. There’s no stopping you from there.