Pisces, the powerful New Moon in your sign will illuminate the rest of a cosmically charged week. Your New Moon is the very last of the astrological year, which means that it tends to evoke a dreamy theme of endings/beginnings and the indivisible nature of the two. This is one of the most powerful chapters of the entire year for you Pisces, being so close to your solar return. Imagine going through one of the “super-charge” boxes in a video racing game. Suddenly you’re faster, stronger and closer to being invincible. You can use this time to cultivate, plant seeds and manifest what feels most alive to you at present. Maybe that’s a new relationship or way of being within a relationship; financial abundance; health and/or peace. The sky’s the limit, lovely Pisces. Tip: with Venus having just entered Aries, you’re being invited to prioritize yourself.