Pisces, we’re shifting closer to a tension between Saturn (planet of structure) and the moon’s nodes. This is a particularly challenging energy which will color the whole year, but is particularly potent now. As a result, you might have the feeling that life is getting a little too chaotic, imbalanced, and groundless. The universe presents a remedy for you today, in being more intentionally directive of your energy. Essentially, you’re being invited into a space of Divine Focus. If you notice you’ve been scattering or overextending yourself in any areas, now’s the time to slow down, assess and re-prioritize. What are your next set of goals? What’s holding back from them? What are your next steps towards achieving them? You have all the potential required to achieve your dreams within you Pisces – and if your self-belief falters, you can trust that. Otherwise they simply wouldn’t have arisen!