Pisces, so many planets are in your sign right now — anything you want, you can have, in divine timing. If you’ve been feeling isolated or restricted in any way as the week begins, do your best to take things slow. Feel your feels without letting them drown you, and pressure yourself the least you can. On Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries, giving way to Taurus Season, and bringing with it a slower, more grounded and body centered feel. Pisces, things are slow but sweet on Monday. It’s a beautiful day to connect with deeper needs and desires, spiritual and collective ones. It’s a beautiful day to ask for guidance and messages, as your connection to the divine is more open. On Tuesday, the Sun begins to shine a light on your area of communication. You will be more mental and curious during this Season. It’s a great time to get out, connect with people, make small talk that can lead to interesting conversations.