Key Themes: Self-worth, rebirth, personal myth, inner child healing, divine spark

Pisces, the month of May has the potential to feel like an energizing rebirth. There have been colossal waves of Pisces energy in the cosmos over the past few months, and this month invites you to claim your self-worth and move forward with a fresh perspective.

Venus leaves your sign on May 2nd to enter fiery Aries, activating Pisces’ sector of money and self-esteem until May 28th. Pisces, you’ve been working on harnessing resources to support your self-worth, and Venus in Aries asks you to claim the assets you’ve gained on your journey. The efforts made to step outside your comfort zone are spiritual assets that are worth being accounted for.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, turns retrograde from May 10th to June 3rd, beginning in Gemini, where it highlights Pisces’ sector of family and home. The following two weeks are ripe for reviewing the personal myths you inherited from early childhood and re-examining which voice inside your head is actually yours.

As Mercury retrogrades into earthy Taurus on May 22nd, along with Venus in Taurus from May 28th to July 17th, you’re inclined to re-assess the information you consume to facilitate peace of mind as these transits highlight your sector of learning. 

Your traditional ruler, Jupiter, has been transiting in your sign for the past year, and when it enters Aries on May 10th. Pisces, you’ve been letting go of so much, and Jupiter in Aries can provide the courage required to expand your sense of self. This Jupiter transit will foster opportunities in your sector of money and self-esteem until October 28th. It’s up to you to believe that you are worthy; only then can abundance flow. When Mars enters Aries on May 24th, you’ll be invited to follow through with decisive action and prove yourself to yourself in concrete ways until July 5th.

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio lights up on May 16th at 12:14am, highlighting Pisces’ sector travel and philosophy. Your mission with this Full Moon Eclipse is to set yourself free from limiting beliefs. Pisces, allow any emotions that bubble to the surface during this time to melt away any fear of change.

Gemini season begins on May 20th, activating Pisces’ sector of home and family until June 21st. Gemini season is potent for bringing fresh conversations into your domestic environment and learning about your ancestral lineage. Gemini energy challenges you to explore how your feelings affect your thoughts and vice versa.

Vesta enters Pisces on May 24th, inviting you to protect the light inside that makes you special and to wear it on your sleeve. As the Asteroid Goddess of Spirituality highlights Pisces’ sector of personality until August 21st, your mission is to devote yourself to personal ceremonies and rituals to perverse your divine spark.

The inner work you’ve done all month long funnels into the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th at 7:30 am, activating Pisces’ sector of home and family. This New Moon portal provides a powerful opportunity to declare the story you’re choosing to carry forward. As you learn to reparent yourself, this New moon asks you to connect with the curious, wide-eyed, innocent child part of you.