Wow, that Full Moon in Virgo was intense, we may still be recuperating from all that was, consciously or unconsciously, released. But, now that the new zodiac year has finally begun, things are coming into motion and it’ll be easier to get a fresh start. For you Pisces, it’ll be all about tending to your self-care and self-worth. It’s a great time to visit your finances and your cash flow and come up with a better plan that serves your needs. Get in contact with your pleasure. Touch yourself, take more bubble baths, get a massage, bring flowers into your home and things that fill it with beauty and yummy smells. On Friday we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn. Did something significant happen within your partnerships around the 17th? If so, check in and see how this may be affecting your relationships in general. We end the week with Mercury entering Aries, inspiring you to be more bold with your words.