The Moon enters the impulsive sign of Aries today, helping us to embody our fire and our instincts. Dare to feel and to love fiercely. Dare to start over as many times as you have to. Life isn’t a race. It’s an experience, and you have to make it your own. Pisces, take a look at your exchanges. Are you getting paid what you’re owed? Do you feel valued or do you feel overworked? It may be time to reclaim your energy and put it towards something more worthwhile. At work, time and energy translates into money, and you want to feel dignified in the exchange. If everything feels good and smoothe in this regard, that’s great! Have yourself a day to pamper your needs and acknowledge how good you’ve got it. But if things start to feel personal where they should just be transactional, it’s worth checking in on those feelings.