Pisces, Today the sun in Aries comes into a tension with Pluto, who moves through Capricorn. This has the potential to create a rift between our sense of self, and the external elements of our lives. An active Pluto also means themes of the subconscious will rise to the surface. Anything we’re intentionally ignoring may start to reveal itself, in a build-up over the next twelve days that culminates with the upcoming Full Moon. Pisces, this energy shines light on your sphere of relating to the world as a whole. If you’ve been struggling with your sense of being an earth citizen, you’re being asked to see how you can develop a sense of peace regarding all that’s going on… even just this year. It’s worth establishing a solid sense of how you fit in, in this world around you dear Pisces. An exercise like video blogging or journaling could be quite cathartic today.