Happy February, skymates! With the Moon shifting into Libra and Mercury being retrograde in Aquarius as a new month begins, we’re collectively being asked to lighten up and remember that we’re all floating on a planet in outer space. We’re being gifted a cosmic fresh start. Pisces, your bday season begins this month, but before we get there you may feel like re-arranging several aspects of your life, internally and externally. All this airy Aquarius energy will help you approach this task in a more fun and free-flowing way. You don’t have to clean house or cut people off all at once. It’s best to be in observation mode right now instead of being immediately reactive. Take time to assess the people, sensations and experiences that feel the most fulfilling to you, and start making more room for their presence in your life. By doing so, you naturally start giving less attention to energy drainers, and you continue to brilliantly soar.