Today Venus moves out of water Scorpio, to fiery Sagittarius (where it will stay until early January). Pisces, abundance is on its way. Here, the collective romantic energy will shift from pretty intense, to fairly light. Of course, as a fire sign Sagittarius has its intense side – but its love is far more universally disposed than the intimate nature of Scorpio’s. In the next few weeks we’ll find that the intricacies and complexities of love are less interesting, than realms of higher truth and objectivity. Pisces, continuing the theme you’ve had over the last week, this energy lights up your sphere of physical abundance, career and finances. You might start feeling way more confident in your abilities (work-wise). Or, you could start seeing new paths to financial prosperity. Stay open and ready to take any big steps. In the next few weeks, lean into the Sagittarian trait of fearlessness.