Happy Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Pisces! Today’s full moon is extra potent since it’s also an eclipse, which means the collective energy is more supercharged and full of activity. All skymates will find themselves evaluating what’s real from what’s fiction, and making sure they’re facing the truth and not running from it. Pisces, you may be feeling tired of explaining yourself or people-pleasing, and today’s eclipse lets you know that you no longer have to. It’s time to put an end to the bending over backwards, even if you have to do so in a blunt, straight-forward, “tell it like it is” side. A more self-protective and dominant side of you is emerging now that Mars is picking up speed in Aries these next few weeks, and while it’s taking you some time to adjust to this new you, you’re liking what you’re seeing, and that’s what’s most important.