The Moon’s now settled in Taurus for the next 2 days, skymates, and today, Friday, is Venus’ day, which means sensual, passionate, grounded and abundant vibes permeate our consciousness. We collectively thrive when we nourish ourselves with delicious organic food and spend time in mellow environments that appeal to our senses. Pisces, your sector of communication is activated by the Taurus Moon, making it a wonderful day to get lost in a work of art, simply for your own sake. Even if you’re super talented and could monetize your artistry, today’s moon wants you to remind yourself that life is a playground and you deserve to play just for the sake of your own joy and fulfillment, not because you have to prove your worth through financial gain. Plus, the more you do what you love for your own self first, the more opportunities to be recognized professionally will naturally come to you. It’ s a win-win situation.