The Moon spends all day in the sensitive sign of Pisces, and when combined with the idealistic energy of the Sag Moon, we may find that we easily attract more of what we desire, simply by allowing ourselves to daydream and visualize. The energy of the New Moon in Scorpio is still coursing through us, making today a powerful time to set or review your intentions. Pisces, the Moon in your sign increases your ability to know what’s meant for you, intuitively. Take time to meditate alone today, or simply close your eyes without music and check in with the emotions that are coming up for you. As we approach next week’s lunar eclipse, you’ll have to let go of all that has threatened to harden you. Imagine all your burdens being washed away. While it may not lead to the actual realization of that sensation, the more you imagine it, the closer it is to becoming your reality.