Pisces, the month of April invites you to strengthen your self-esteem and get clear on your financial situation. Over the past few months, Jupiter in Pisces has emphasized your psychic sensitivity – so much so that it may have felt overwhelming at times.

Aries season activates Pisces’ sector of money and security, so you may be in the mood to go shopping or take financial risks. Honor your desires, however, be aware of emotional spending or equating your sense of worth with material success or lack thereof. Being passive aggressive or getting lost in a world of illusion may be tempting, but Aries season compels you set yourself free from perseved limitations.

The New Moon in Aries conjoins with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, on April 1st. From now until April 16th, you enter a magical portal for manifesting your deepest desires and harnessing resources to support your self-esteem. Your mission with this transit is to allow confidence to stem from conscious efforts made to step outside your comfort zone. Even the smallest steps are worth celebrating.

If you’ve been confused, lost, or wishy-washy in your sense of self or direction in life, the month of April compels you to take decisive action and prove yourself to yourself in concrete ways — even if you don’t know what the outcome will be. With each step taken, you will get increasingly confident in yourself. Not necessarily because of perfect outcomes, but more so because of the lessons learned which serve as valuable assets on your journey.

Use your powerful imagination to visualize yourself embodying the Inner Warrior, and initiate this action with movement. Evoke heat and build strength in your core by dancing, exercising, making love, or going outside to feel the Sun’s warmth. This will help you release any stagnant energy and provide you with life force energy to fuel your willpower.

You may be feeling extra enchanting, creative, and sensitive all month long with several planets in Pisces. You will experience a spiritual crescendo on April 12th with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your sign. Pisces, there is so much more than meets the eye, and spiritual wealth is the most timeless of it all. It is up to you to believe that you are worthy; only then can abundance flow.

The Full Moon in Libra strikes on April 16th, and Pisces’ sector of death, sex, and other people’s resources is activated by this transit. It is a good idea to get clear on your financial situation and to assess any attachments you have during this time, especially in your relationships. This transit also empowers you to consider your future goals and plans. At the end of your life or if everything were to suddenly shift beneath your feet, what would be of most value to you? Now, let go of what doesn’t align.

Come Taurus season on April 19th, you may feel called to simplify your communicative interactions. The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th challenges you to integrate a down-to-earth approach in the way you take in information and express your ideas. Until then, practice gratitude for what you already have. Where focus goes energy flows, so focus on what you want versus what you don’t want.