Skymates, on Monday the heat turns up with Mars entering Sagittarius. Stagnancy will start to shift; movement and adventures are back on the cards. Also on Monday, we see Mercury move into Capricorn – causing the collective mentality to switch towards practical matters. On Tuesday the Moon shifts into Taurus, squaring off with Saturn in Aquarius. Here, we may experience a clash between the abundance we seek for our lives; and societal limitations. Pisces, over the next few days you have a lot of energy moving through your sector of spiritual connection. You might be feeling dreamier, more intuitive and creative than usual. If this is the case, roll with it – you’ll be rewarded. It’ll also be a good time to find solitude and to reconnect with the depths of yourself. Pisces, if you want to end this year in a place of divine connection and balance; now’s the time to find it.