Libra, what have you been learning about yourself, from others? We have a major few days coming up with Pluto retrograde stationing direct, right before we experience our powerful Aries Full Moon. This moon could feel kind of intense, as it meets with Chiron (the asteroid that reflects our deepest wounds). This beautifully powerful cosmic signature reminds us that we’re all on a healing journey. Nothing in life is ‘perfect,’ nor is it meant to be. Rather, the hidden perfection is in the fact that we are always evolving and flowing with the seasons and cycles. Libra, this Moon activates your sector of relationships, so you’re on a journey of learning about yourself, through the mirror of the other. It’s in your interactions (both light and darker) that you can find a deeper appreciation of the truth, and who you really are. This moon invites you to answer the question: how can you make sure your relationships are balanced, transformative and mutually supportive?