Libra, this will be a great weekend to do some networking. With the Moon still in Cancer on Friday, you’ll have the energy to get things done so you can let go during the weekend. On Saturday morning, the Moon shifts into Leo and you’re starting to miss your friends. It’s a great time to reach out and connect with the ones that are far away. Vesta and Saturn meet on Saturday morning as well, inviting you to take a look at the structures and boundaries you set within your creative self-expression and your spaces of leisure. Are they serving you or are they limiting you? On Sunday, we have the Waxing Quarter Moon in Leo, the middle point between the first two eclipses of the season. Are you stuck in groups where you feel like you no longer fit in? If this is the case, ask yourself why you’re still there. It’s ok to move on, that doesn’t mean the love can’t  remain.