Libra, express yourself. We’re only a couple of days away from the new astrological year and the good vibes are flowing. Venus is forming a harmonious sextile to Saturn this weekend –  evoking a renewed perspective of beauty, as well as a sense of self-certainty. You might notice yourself looking at things (or people) which have been in your life for a while, with fresh eyes. A connection between Mercury and Pluto suggests it might be time to express that, share some gratitude, or shoot your shot. Regardless of how vulnerable that may feel, you’re cosmically supported. With your planetary ruler Venus back in its other home sign (Taurus), you may also start feeling a renewed sense of clarity. It’ll be much easier to focus, especially as we head into next week. Until then, this weekend will be one for cultivating with intention. With a Pisces Moon, it can be as deep, creative or existentially dreamy as you like.